100K Sourcing - Corteiz RTW.

100K Sourcing - Corteiz RTW.


100k mf Sourcing - Corteiz. Uno it Rules The World. Still

100K Streetwear Scouts out again and we have stumbled upon the Highly Coveted Exclusive UK Streetwear Brand, Corteiz by the Infamous CLINT419.

Established in 2017/18 the Brand has Grown to now be a Heavy Hitter in the UK Streetwear Game, know for the Trendy and unique Alcatraz Logo and Clothing Items, as well as the unconventionally engineered but rather effective Marketing and advertisement methods.

The Rarity that Clint has managed to generate for the CRTZ Brand in nothing short of impressive amassing a following of over 500,000 Instagram Followers including individuals such as Drake, Jorja Smith and Dave (Not YK Osiris tho) as of 2023.

For those who don't know, please, get to know - CRTZ ALCATRAZ, 'The Rebellion against Convention'.

At 100K, Mr.419 may not fw Resellers and etc. but he gotta understand we have a duty to feed the streets & alert the culture. So, we are now stocking the most beloved CRTZ RTW Items the game has seen. 

Thank You Clint.

Stay on the look, with yo Head on the swivel for those CRTZ Drops.

- 100K David.



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